Targeted Marketing

The Secret Formula

Some of the most amazing results that Loan Saver has produced for our credit unions have come about through a simple formula:
1)Identify Members that have loans, lines of credit, credit cards, and mortgages with other lenders.
2)Send Targeted Marketing to those members directly using email marketing and postcards.
3)Give a Compelling Offer to those members either for refinancing with your credit union.
4)Send them to Loan Saver as your call-to-action, or end-point of your campaign.
5)Follow Up with those members and leads to be sure they are taking advantage of your superior lending products and great rates across multiple lending relationships.

Simple, right? It is not magic, its just smart, consistent marketing practices applied to our powerful tool.

Click here to take a look at the amazing results generated by Northern Credit Union when they took this approach.

Northern Credit Union recently used Loan Saver as the centerpiece and landing page of a series of targeted post card campaigns that brought in over $5 Million in new and refinanced loans, lines and cards over the course of only 6 months. The campaign delivered huge results and ROI.

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