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It’s Affordable, Quick, Easy, and Effective
Simply give us 15 minutes and we’ll show you how Member Benefit Statement can increase your Member service usage.

Electronic Delivery of Effective & Customized Marketing
The Member Benefit Statement is delivered to members in the form of an email with a mobile responsive design.  This means that members can view it anywhere; at their desktop and laptop computers, on their smart phones, and tablets of any size, and in any email interface.  

The content of the MBS is customized for each member, identifying the services they use as well as promoting the benefits of the products and services that they could be using!   Additionally, each benefit description provides compelling links into your online channels for additional information and allow members to immediately access those benefits open and apply right from the convenience of their home computer or mobile devices. All of this, delivered for less than the cost of bulk rate postage.

Creating Member Benefit Statements For Your Members Is Easy
We will work with your staff to build, customize, personalize, send, and track the MBS, and we can even provide powerful targeted follow-up email marketing services for those members that showed interest.

Process Overview:

  • Your team will select the products and services to be included in the Member Benefit Statement.
  • You will use a simple spreadsheet template containing each member’s email address along with the services to be included on the MBS. The spreadsheet columns will indicate each member’s service usage with a yes or no.  Alternately, we can work with your available data export, for example importing member email lists for each product type.
  • Based on the items chosen to be included on the Statement, we will write copy for each service, highlighting the primary benefits.  This will be accomplished by reviewing the service information on your website. Copy will then be submitted to you for editing and/or approval. The goal of the copy is to get the members interest by stressing the primary benefits for each service and providing a link to more info or directly to your online application. If you prefer, you can provide your own copy for each service.
  • You can also provide any special offers for services that are of particular importance to your Credit Union.  Of course this is optional, but we recommend you do this.  This could include special discounts, bonus offers and the like, and could be highlighted with special graphics and icons next to the appropriate service.
  • We will then create a comp of your MBS, customized to look and feel like your brand.  Sample Member Benefit Statements will be personalized to insure service usage is properly displayed for each member.
  • Upon your review and approval of the comp, your Member Benefit Statements will be sent to the entire member file provided.  The email will appear to come directly from your credit union.
  • All email sending, tracking, SPAM compliance, and 0pt-out services will be handled by our servers.
  • Optionally, we can identify which members opened your MBS, and what links they clicked on. We can even send targeted follow-on marketing campaigns to those members who expressed interest.

It’s that simple! Please get in touch today and let’s start growing your member relationships!

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All we need is 15 minutes and we’ll show you how MBS can increase your member service usage. Please request a demo by contacting us through the site or by sending an email to You will see how affordable, effective and easy it is to reach all of your members and to grow your member relationships! We will answer any questions you may have, discuss pricing, and get you on the way to success with Member Benefit Statement.

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