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What is Loan Saver?

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Loan Saver® is a powerful loan marketing tool designed especially for the needs of Credit Unions. It is a loan refinancing and loan savings calculator tool that grew out of our very successful direct mail campaigns which consistently produced huge ROI for our credit unions.

Loan Saver will grow your loans while it helps members save money by moving their lending relationships away from other institutions to your credit union. The online Loan Saver is an instantaneous 24/7 mobile responsive tool that is always available for use at home, in the branch, at community and SEG events, and in conjunction with all your marketing channels, especially new member onboarding. It can lead to significant loan growth and will pay for itself many times over when it is properly promoted.

Don’t forget, Loan Saver will help generate a wide variety of loan types – especially auto refinances, home equity loans and lines, first mortgages and credit card balance transfers.

Now, the online Loan Saver can act as a 24/7 profit center on your institutions web site.

Loan Saver Screen Shots

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A Legacy of Success

All of this innovation is based on a solid foundation of 15 years of highly effective direct mail marketing and 5 years of online success. Once we converted Loan Saver to an online experience, the cost of loan acquisition plummeted and the number of loans made grew significantly. The online version has been used by scores of credit unions, many of whom have used Loan Saver for many years. In addition, Loan Saver is highly effective as a cross selling tool at your new accounts desk. See some of our success stories for more details.

The best way to understand what Loan Saver can do for you is to get in touch with us to schedule a quick personal webinar. It should only take about 20 to 30 minutes, and we’ll be able to show you live demonstrations, take you into the admin system, show you all the tracking and lead data, and answer any questions you may have about pricing and integration.

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