SEG & Community Outreach Events

Take Loan Saver With You!

Loan Saver offers a unique and powerful way to engage with members at community events, SEG meetings, “coffee table” meet and greets, and even in the branch.

On a tablet or a laptop, or even on your phone, Loan Saver offers a quick and direct way to show members and potential members what your great rates could mean in their own personal financial situation. "Let’s take five minutes and see if we can save you a few thousand dollars on your loans!" Who could say no to that?

What’s more, instead of just handing out generic literature, or telling members that you have great rates, you will show them in a very personalized way, and then you will put them in touch with your sales team for very fast and informed follow-up! Loan Saver is the perfect tool to bring back a wealth of loans and happy members from all your outreach events.

With a little coaching, your front line staff can have Loan Saver at-the-ready to engage members in meaningful conversation that will result in savings for them and loan growth for you.

Staff Incentive Tracking

To take that idea one step further, Loan Saver offers a feature that credits your staff members for walking people through the Loan Saver process. When the member enters their contact information on the Loan Savings Proposal form, your staff can also enter their own name or identifier so that those leads are credited to their efforts. This will facilitate sales contests and bonus/rewards programs for front-line staff members, MSRs, and loan officers that are actively helping members save money on their loans.

Example of Staff Referral Tracking for Sales Contests and Bonus Programs

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