Loan Savings Challenge Campaigns

Challenge Your Members to Save Money On Their Loans

Loan Saver is the ideal tool for running a Savings Challenge for your members, your community, and/or your SEG group. We have repeatedly seen huge results, loan growth, and ROI for our credit unions who have taken this approach.

How it works:

1)Savings Challenge Site – Within your website, or on a dedicated savings challenge micro-site, you offer a savings challenge campaign that is focused on saving members as much money as possible on their loans and credit cards within a given time period, often a one-year period.

2)Loan Saver – The functional centerpiece of the Savings Challenge site is Loan Saver, which educates and excites members and potential members about how much they could save by moving their loans to your credit union.

3)Incentive Offers – Once per month, you put all the people who have taken the challenge for that month into a prize drawing. Usually a gas card or gift card or some other compelling prize will give members that extra incentive they need to get in there and do some quick loan savings calculations. This also really motivates members to follow through with the entire Loan Saver process and to refinance those loans.

4)Running Savings Tally – As time goes on, your lending and marketing team enter in the amounts for loans captured and for savings realized for your members. The calculations and running tally are taken care of for you. This running tally is displayed graphically in the website and on your home page to show members and potential members the enormous savings you are delivering to the community! This is often shown as a thermometer or bar graph or growing pile of money, or any other similar graphic depicting the growing savings that you are bringing to your members.

5)Testimonial Stories – Each month, the winner of the give away, and/or other happy members will be featured on the site showing their happy faces and telling a brief story about their loan savings or their prize winning luck with the campaign. This gives even more motivation to others to participate and helps build that sense of community and that word of mouth marketing that is so powerful.

6)Social Media Marketing – The savings challenge as well as the Incentive Offers and the Prize Winners and Testimonials are all shared on social media sites to help provide powerful viral growth and word-of-mouth referral marketing to your campaign.

Sample of a Loan Savings Challenge Microsite

Below is a full size screenshot of a successful “Loan Rescue” campaign boasting all of the features highlighted above. Contact us today to get started building your own Loan Savings Challenge website!
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