Admin System

24×7 Control with the Loan Saver Admin System

Behind the scenes, you’ll be able to log in to the Loan Saver Admin system and have real-time control of all the “moving parts” of Loan Saver, 24×7.

Rates Editor

Here you will find an easy-to-use intuitive system that allows members of your team to control your rates, disclosures, example values, alert emails, and more… No waiting for a service ticket or tech support – you have control in real-time, day or night. When you click "save", all changes go live in all your Loan Saver integrations.

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Leads Reporting

In addition to the loan lead alert emails that get sent to your lending team in realtime, you will also be able to generate and export secure detailed reporting on all leads that come through the system, in real-time, day or night. These can be viewed on screen or downloaded to your favorite spreadsheet or CRM/Sales software.

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Usage and Performance Tracking and Reporting

The Admin System allows you to keep track of the results of your marketing efforts and the resulting Loan Saver activity: views, interactions, calculations and leads captured. We provide always-up-to-date statistics and a daily summary snapshot of all Loan Saver activity. Once again, you can see this on screen or export to your favorite spreadsheet or CRM/Sales software.

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Your marketing efforts generate raw page views that tell us how many time Loan Saver was loaded. Incentives, marketing, page placement, and pre-sales all lead to unique user interactions within the Loan Saver interface. These convert into calculations when members enter their own personal details and perform savings calculations. Finally, this personal savings education and your great rates lead to highly qualified captured leads who have asked for a loan savings proposal and more information about your lending products. You can see all of this in real-time in the Admin System!

CSS Style Overrides

Although we provide an attractive style that compliments your brand and site look and feel, the Admin System also provides the ability to over-ride all the CSS elements in Loan Saver with your own custom CSS code. Your designers can make changes to colors, fonts, and the like and apply them with ease right from the admin system.

Multiple User Accounts and Account Control

The Loan Saver Admin System optionally allows for multiple user accounts so that you have granular control over your team’s access to rates and leads. We can add and remove accounts upon request and users can control their own minor account details. This gives you better security and control over Loan Saver.

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