Mobile First Design. ADA Accessibility. More Loan Options.

Yes! Loan Saver is back and better than ever!  FI Solutions has been hard at work upgrading many aspects of the system software and modernizing the use interface to continue generating loan refinance leads and high ROI for your credit union.

We have also been working closely with our credit unions to help put together strong and smart multi-channel marketing campaigns to help drive more awareness and usage of Loan Saver so it can do its work by educating members about your great rates and about how much money they can save by moving their credit cards and loans from other lenders to your credit union.

Mobile Optimized and Responsive

In the interest of delivering the best member experience on all devices, the user interface is now fully mobile-responsive, and has been optimized for use on mobile devices of every size, all while still looking great on bigger screens.  Buttons, tabs, accordions, text content, form inputs follow the Apple GUI Guidelines and are larger and much more tap friendly.

ADA Accessible

Loan Saver is now using a javascript platform that is optimized for ADA Accessibility from the ground up.  In addition, it has been hand crafted to include all the features and adjustments needed to make the system easy to use with screen-readers and other assistive technologies.  We continue to use many different auditing and evaluation test suites to be sure that we are staying on top of compliance requirements.

Let Loan Saver Super-Power your Loan Marketing Campaigns

With Loan Saver as the call-to-action powering your loan and credit card refinance marketing campaigns, you will not only empower members to learn more about your great lending rates, they will see the huge savings potential in their own personal financial situation.  Then Loan Saver will deliver these educated, empowered, excited loan leads directly to your lending team and/or your online application process.

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Latest Loan Saver Screen Shots

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Click the thumbnails above to see the screenshot for each…
The best way to understand what Loan Saver can do for you is to get in touch with us to schedule a quick personal webinar. It should only take about 20 to 30 minutes, and we’ll be able to show you live demonstrations, take you into the admin system, show you all the tracking and lead data, and answer any questions you may have about pricing and integration.

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