Success Stories

A Legacy of Success

Loan SaverĀ® has delivered great results, high ROI, and countless loans to scores of Credit Unions. We are confident that with proper marketing support and member follow up, Loan Saver will pay for itself many times over, producing a steady stream of loans for your credit union.

Northern Credit Union
Northern Credit Union recently used Loan Saver as the centerpiece and landing page of a series of targeted post card campaigns that brought in over $5 Million in new and refinanced loans, lines and cards over the course of only 6 months. The campaign delivered huge results and ROI.

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Municipal Employees Credit Union (MECU) of Baltimore
MECU kicked off Loan Saver by using a targeted email marketing campaign encouraging Members save money by switching their personal loans, auto loans, and credit cards with other lenders to MECU via Loan Saver. In two months of their soft launch promotions, they brought in dozens of approved and funded loans totaling in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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Other success stories:

Fort Knox Federal Credit Union
Fort Knox FCU used Loan Saver primarily as an in-branch conversation tool to empower loan officers, MSRs and branch staff with calculator, sales and lead capture tools to help them quickly illustrate the power of their superior rates. At the time the story below was published, Fort Knox had already captured over $800,000 in new financed loans through Loan Saver in a very short time. After that, they went on to use the system for years and continued to bring in millions of dollars in new and refinanced loans.
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NARFE Premier Federal Credit Union
Focused on promoting loan saver with inexpensive cost effective marketing promotions, primarily email and banner ad marketing, and was still able to generate a lot of loans with a high ROI. When this story was published, they had over 225% ROI. After that they continued to grow their success, exceeding $657,415 in financed loans and over 315% ROI with very minor marketing expenses.
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Notre Dame Federal Credit Union
Notre Dame had great success in using Loan Saver as part of their “Million Dollar Savings Challenge”. This was a community challenge marketing campaign that used elements of community outreach, education, and a dedicated microsite tracking progress towards their savings goal. That provided an exciting, tangible goal to build toward – getting the community and press involved and tracking the running tally of exactly how much money they had saved members to date. Providing a challenge with a potential reward can really help to get members active in evaluating their lending relationships. This has been such a success that we have been able to duplicate repeatedly with other credit unions. A Community Challenge microsite centered on Loan Saver in a coordinated campaign is a powerful system.
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Congressional Federal Credit Union
Congressional launched Loan Saver on a July 4th weekend and delivered a huge success in a very short time. In the first 8 weeks alone, Loan Saver brought in 186 loan leads resulting in over $1,000,000 in approved loans! Yes, that is one million dollars in actual closed loans. Loan Saver contributed to a 16% increase in loan volume over historical numbers and saved members an average of $2,400 per member on their loans. Congressional then expanded the relationship and went on to use Loan Saver for over 5 years – integrating Loan Saver even more deeply into their ongoing loan promotions for specific product lines such as a dedicated auto loan Loan Saver.
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