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Walk Through the Loan Saver Member Experience

Loan SaverĀ® has many features and aspects to it. The best way to get a handle on it is to schedule a personal webinar. This screenshot tour should help you understand how it works from first contact to lead capture and all the way through to behind-the-scenes admin tools.

1) Multi-Channel Marketing

Your members will first encounter Loan Saver through your marketing and promotional efforts. It is important to emphasize that the more you promote Loan Saver, the better it will perform. This is so mission-critical that we have created an extensive marketing best practices guide right here in our website.

2) Display All Over Your Web and Mobile Properties

Although it is hosted on our servers, Loan Saver is displayed seamlessly in the context of your website and brand. It is easily embedded inside all your website content, so members don’t have to leave your trusted website on your secure domain.

We have made it easy for you to include Loan Saver in multiple locations within your web and mobile offerings – really any place in your site including inside your loan and credit card promotional pages, your rates pages, special promotional micro-sites, community challenge sites, inside your online banking, in your mobile site or app… just about anywhere!

We make integration very easy – all the technology resides on our servers and site integration requires a simple copy/paste of an HTML tag. Wherever you place that tag, Loan Saver will appear.

Promote Loan Saver Everywhere! Loan Saver will perform best if it is supported well by your marketing efforts.

3) Mobile-Responsive Design

Loan Saver is fully mobile responsive, meaning that it will automatically resize and optimize its content, features, and layout for whatever device or screen size the member is using.

Click on each thumbnail below to see different aspects of Loan Saver in full size view and then in a mobile view.

Loan Saver really shines on small screens, smartphones, tablets, and large screen browsers alike. Now, you can reach your members wherever they are!

4) Dedicated Loan Savings Pages

Loan Saver is a very powerful destination of your multi-channel loan marketing campaigns. Your prominent website banners, emails, in-branch conversations, new member on-boarding, community outreach efforts, and more will bring the member into your Loan Saver page ready to find out how much money they might be able to save on their loans. Here is an example of a dedicated loan savings page:

5) Simple Instructions Tab

In the first tab of Loan Saver, members will see simple instructions that will quickly step them through a series of tabbed savings calculators – one for each type of lending product you’d like to promote. These calculators will keep a running total of potential savings across all products, educating and exciting people about your superior financial products.

6) Risk-Based Lending Support

Although the “as-low-as” rate is often the most compelling one to show for marketing purposes, if your credit union uses Risk-Based Lending, you may want to take advantage of this powerful Loan Saver feature. On the instructions tab is a drop-down selector that allows the member to choose their most appropriate credit tier. We will customize the selections to best match your credit tiers so that Loan Saver can produce savings estimates that are even more specific an accurate for your members. As soon as they have chosen a credit tier, all rates, examples, and calculations are re-run throughout the Loan Saver interface.

7) Loan Savings Calculations Tabs

Members and potential members will quickly and easily enter all their relationships with other lenders. Loan Saver will run instantaneous savings comparison calculations to show members a running tally of the overall savings you might be able to offer them. All loan types, tabs, colors, wording, rates, examples, disclosures, and more will be customized for your credit union.

8) Call To Action & Lead Capture Tab

Then, only after the user is excited about the potential loan savings they have discovered, Loan Saver asks for some basic contact information so that your lending team can follow up with them. We intentionally keep this simple and short to keep up the momentum and not scare away an interested lead.

9) Automated Follow-up Email

The user will immediately receive a thank you email message, letting them know that someone will be in touch soon- setting an APPOINTMENT to talk to your team.  This reinforces everything they have learned in Loan Saver and puts it into their inbox. This way the information will be handy and top-of-mind when you call.

10) Lending Team Alert Email

Simultaneously with the automated thank you email to the lead, your lending team will also receive an email from Loan Saver. This is a lead alert email letting them know that someone is interested. This lead alert includes all the entered loan and savings information as well as all the captured contact details for that lead.

11) Follow-Up and Member Service Call

Loan Saver has just delivered an educated and excited consumer directly to your lending/sales team. They are literally asking you to get in touch with them and show them how they can bring their multiple loans, lines and credit cards to your credit union. This is an extremely qualified, hot prospect and we make sure your lending team is armed with the right information at the right time. The opportunity is now prime for your team to follow up with this member or potential member and provide them with the best solutions to meet their financial needs.

Next, let’s take a look behind the scenes and see how Loan Saver is updated, how performance is measured, and how leads are captured and reported.

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