Marketing Is Mission Critical

Keys to Success with Loan Saver:
1)Marketing – Smart and consistent multi-channel marketing support to get a steady flow of members into the Loan Saver process.
2)Follow-Up – Timely follow-up with members to bring in multiple lending relationships while their interest is high.

Here, we suggest a handful of proven marketing strategies to make sure you get the best results possible from Loan Saver.

Multi-Channel Marketing

Loan Saver is the perfect destination for all your marketing campaigns, and is an effective call-to-action that will educate and empower your members, applying your great rates to their financial situation. It then captures highly qualified leads across a wide variety of lending products, all delivered to your team in real time!

Proven Marketing Strategies

Over the years, our Credit Unions have found great success through a variety of smart marketing approaches. Below are some of the most effective techniques, with links for more information and examples. Please click on the blue links below to learn more about these powerful marketing techniques to supercharge your Loan Saver results!

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